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We’re Factobot: a highly unique, super-charged, and extremely versatile software company on a mission.

We began with a dream...

One man’s dream, once shared, becomes something much more. In this case, it has become the driving force behind our mission to change the face of technology services for every single one of our clients. We have experienced firsthand the disconnect that can exist between people and the technology they rely on. Our dream is to provide solutions that work for all the humans in your organization.

Working, Together.

Factobot will work with you to identify inefficiencies and areas where technology can enhance and streamline your business. We can also look for opportunities to add integration between systems, people, and departments for seamless efficiency that will reduce labor costs and improve the bottom line for your business.


Expertise You Can't Afford To Be Without

In 2018, over 75% of our projects were rescued from certain disaster. With our competetors, our clients had combined budgets of over a quarter of a million dollars go to waste with project overruns, poor scope, and botched implementations. When timelines and budgets matter, we have the expertise you need. We specialize in fixing costly mistakes made by other companies.

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Scott Blevins


Erin Henderson


Sean Long

Scott has been programming since 1986 at the age of 5 when he discovered the BASIC programming language on his dad’s IBM PC Jr. Quickly branching out to C / C++ / Turbo Pascal, and more- Scott has written hundreds of computer programs both for his profession and as a hobby.

While his first computer program was a terrible version of Hangman with only five (misspelled) words, he has since moved on to state of the art inventory tracking, POS, and enterprise grade systems for companies all over the globe. Scott is also a contributor to open source and is the author of a widely-used Bamboo HR Python library among other things.

Inspired by his love of fantasy, in 1999, Scott was the sole developer on a passion project called BattleMagica which allowed players all over the globe to play in an RPG setting together using a web browser.

In a past life, Scott held positions as the Director of Engineering at BriteCore and the Vice President of development for BlueInk. Taking what he’s learned from his 20+ years of professional development, Scott is building a truly innovative and progressive software company with Factobot.

While Scott’s passion for programming cannot be denied, his greatest love is his two young children with whom he spends every possible moment. Scott’s related hobbies include pretending to be a horsie, a jungle-gym, and making airplane noises with his mouth.

Writing, singing (poorly), lifting weights, reading, and the occasional video game are ways that Scott spends what little free time he has. He also enjoys gritty crime dramas and thinks that Breaking Bad, The Shield, and The Sopranos are some of the greatest shows ever made.

Like most indispensable people at any organization, Erin wears multiple hats at Factobot. She is our employee number one and has been with Factobot since the very first day. Originally hired to help Scott with organization and efficiency, Erin has become absolutely indispensable as our Creative Director.

With the wave of her hand, and the flick of her mouse, Erin manages projects from inception to launch... and beyond. If all roads lead to Rome than all roads at Factobot go through Erin. She's the beating heart of our organization and keeps things moving smoothly.

Erin is a talented and creative Web/UX/UI Designer and she wrangles SCSS / HTML with ease. You will often find her curled up with a hot cup of coffee and her cat (Tetra) while she makes gorgeous, state-of-the-art web interfaces.

If the name of her cat didn't give it away, Erin is a huge fan of the Zelda franchise and she can often be found rescuing princess Zelda when she's not answering client emails or reminding Scott to follow up on one thing or another.

Erin is a home-grown product of Southwest Missouri, proving once and for all that good things do, in fact, come from Missouri.

Erin, when she isn't flexing her creative side on her Macbook Pro, is flexing her powerful singing voice on stage. She can be found in a leading role at her local theater from time to time. She truly enjoys all things musical and her favorite band is Coheed and Cambria.

Sean Long is a talented and creative illustrator and artist who lives in the St. Louis area. Sean has been drawing a very long time and has made countless logos, characters, business cards, advertisements, and more.

Sean met Scott a long time ago during their BattleMagica project. Scott has been a huge fan ever since and believes that everyone should go to Sean for their creative illustration needs.

As the father of the Factobot drawing, Sean has been an integral part of the branding of the company. Additionally, Sean has done several noteworthy projects including illustrating the excellent children's book: Where a Booger Goes.

Created by Tivi Lupercio Ordonez from Noun Project


Factobot exists to create the best software on the planet, for real people, all over the world.

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